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About the Clan

[FOXHOUND] Clan is an elite online gaming community founded by [FOXHOUND] Dragon Commando in 2010. The original [FOX] Clan was founded by [FOX] Admiral Admin in 2000. After several changes, [FOX] Admiral Admin went on and found the [FOXHOUND] Clan as [FOXHOUND] Dragon Commando, with the returning Administration Team of the original [FOX] Clan. The name of the clan is based on Metal Gear's Foxhound Special Forces Group, hence the clan tag of "[FOXHOUND]". Both clans now belong to [FOXHOUND] Dragon Commando, but [FOXHOUND] is now the active clan over [FOX], so if you would like to join our clan, please join [FOXHOUND] instead of [FOX].

We find that the Foxhound Special Force Group's armpatch (From the Metal Gear Universe; see below) perfectly matches our Administration Team members, as they favor the knife in-game. Watch your six, or you'll lose your dogtags to our Administration Team in Battlefield 2142, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3!

Our clan currently plays Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Rainbow Six 3 (Raven Shield, Athena Sword, and Iron Wrath), Rainbow Six: Lockdown, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and Metal Gear Online. We look foward to playing other games as well! We currently do not have any servers running for our clan, but we may have some up in the future. All suggestions are welcome!

We are currently recruiting members into our community and Clan Administration (Gaming experience and at least one online game account are required. Must also be an existing and current member of our clan. See the Web Forms page for full details.), so feel free to register an account here and on the Forum (Remember that the accounts are separate, so you'll need to register in both sites for both services). Clan and Administration Team applications are both located in the Web Forms page. Check back on the site and the Forum periodically for news, information, challenges, and more!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our clan's site. We hope to face you in-game!

Anti-Cheating Philosophy


Our clan does not cheat, hack, nor exploit in any game. We support and enforce fun, friendly, and legit gameplay, and report those who display cheating, hacking, exploiting, and any other type of dishonesty to gain an unfair advantage in any game. If you have any disputes and/or issues regarding our clan members, please submit a complaint using the Web Forms page. We take complaints of this nature seriously, and will fully investigate your report. However, spamming and/or harassing our clan and its members will render you banned permanently from all of our clan's services and have you reported to appropriate authorities for investigation!

This is our clan's Anti-Cheating Philosophy, and we strictly enforce this on all our clan's members and services.

Clan Administration

[FOXHOUND] Clan Administration Team Roster:





The [FOXHOUND] Clan Administration controls all operations of [FOXHOUND] Clan. Contact us regarding any questions, problems, etc.

We are currently recuiting members into our clan and taking applications for our Clan Administration Team, check the Forum for more details and apply using the Web Forms!

Clan Armpatch

For use by Authorized Personnel Only - Email Us for Permission to Use and to Download

Image made by [FOXHOUND] Commando Aaron

Based on the original Foxhound Armpatch from the Metal Gear Universe

Original Foxhound Armpatch © Kojima Productions

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