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Web Forms

Want to apply to [FOXHOUND] Clan? Need to appeal for a ban? Use this page to submit your form. Please follow ALL of the guidelines below and remember to be as specific as you can. Missing, incorrect, and false information submitted will render the form void. All elements with an asterisk (*) are required and need an honest response.

General Guidelines (for ALL types of forms):

  • Forum/Wiki/Clan Username (your account on our services) required for Clan and  Clan Administration applications. You are required to have an account on our Forum before you may begin the application process. If you are not using an application and don't have an account on any of our services, please type your nickname or "N/A" in that field.
  • Separate multiple items with commas for single text fields.
  • Include age, location, etc. when describing about yourself.
  • Be as specific as you can, and answer all the questions honestly and truthfully!
  • You must READ, UNDERSTAND, and AGREE to our Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.

For Clan Applications:

  • Remember to include the essential information about yourself, including your true full name (and a nickname, if you prefer us to address you by a nickname), age, gender, where you live (at least your state and country of residence), experiences with clans (if any), and gaming experience (must have gaming experience).When necessary, provide us with links to justify what you are saying is true (e.g. former clan profile, social website profile, etc.) and can be verified. Additional information is encouraged, but is not required.
  • Most Clan Applications are accepted, unless there is missing information.
  • Do not apply to the clan more than once. You do not need to apply again for every game you play. You may add as many online gaming profiles as you want to your account, but just use one account for all your [FOXHOUND] Clan gaming.
  • If your application is rejected, you will have to wait one (1) week before trying to apply again. Make sure you supply all the necessary information when trying to apply again.
  • For Clan Administration Applications (Officer, Moderation and Administration), you must already be a member of the clan. In addition, you also have to have been an active member for the last six (6) months, which includes, but is not limited to, posting on the Forum and editing on the Wiki.

For Banning Appeals:

  • Remember to include the staff member that banned you and on which [FOXHOUND] Clan service(s) you were banned from.
  • You may appeal up to three (3) times. After your third offense, you will be permanently banned from all [FOXHOUND] Clan services. Use the Banning Appeal for the first appeal.
  • Use the Elevated Banning Appeal form when you are banned from more than one of [FOXHOUND] Clan's services, and/or are appealing for the second time.
  • Use the Escalated Banning Appeal form when you are banned from all of [FOXHOUND] Clan's services, and/or appealing for the third time.
  • Permanent bans are not eligible for any of the above types of banning appeals. Contact the Supreme Commander of [FOXHOUND] Clan for further appealing.
  • We strive to provide a fun and save environment for out members and visitors. All appeals will be read, and the Administration Team will make a verdict based on the evidence at hand.

The Supreme Commander of [FOXHOUND] Clan reserves the right to accept or reject all forms submitted through this system. Any disputes regarding bans can be further pursued in the Forum, under Banning Disputes.

*[FOXHOUND] Clan Member and User Agreement:

I ensure that I have read and fully understand [FOXHOUND] Clan's Rules and Regulations, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and therefore bound myself to them by checking this box and by using [FOXHOUND] Clan's services. I also understand that should I breach any of these contracts, [FOXHOUND] Clan reserves the right to suspend/terminate my account on all of its services.